NLB for Sea and freshwater adjustment


The model is now produced in 1.5, 3.0 og 5.0 MW.

In an adequately dimensioned water main this load bank is a very good option. The load bank gives a stable load and an automatic adjustment, in addition to little maintenance with correct use.

The model requires a fluid throughflow of 6 l/sec. per MW. Access to freshwater must be at least half of the total fluid requirement in order for the system and adjustment to function optimally.

The stated effects apply to tensions from 440 V to 690 V.
With lower tension the maximum load will be lower.

Download Product sheet 1,5 MW
Download Product sheet 3-5 MW


NLB Directly in Seawater

The modell is now produced in 4.0 and 5.0 MW

Where access to fresh water is limited the load bank can be used directly in the sea. Here the adjustment is possible by sinking and raising the electrodes in the sea. The electrodes are lead through chanels of composite, and come in contact with seawater at ca. 50 cm under the surface. Moderate waves will affect the load minimally.

Where there is too much fresh water on the surface or large waves are present the load bank can be placed in an adequate container on land. The sea water can then be pumped into the container from a larger depth where the salt concentration is correct.
View picture of our aluminium container.

The stated effects apply to 440 V and 690 V.

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NLB in Touch-sensitive version

The modell is now produced in 4.0 MW.

This model utilizes the same principle as described above; however, instead of hanging the load bank in the sea, it is placed in a container where sea water is pumped through. Here the load is adjusted by leading electrodes through insulated channels in the liquid container. In order to avoid contact with electrical current it is placed in a protective cover made of composite materials.

The advantage of this secure model is that one is able to focus on placement in the docking area.

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